the love of fine jewelry runs deep in my blood. I remember being in my grandmother’s closet as a little girl and getting the butterflies looking through her jewelry box. I remember asking her details about each and every piece. I always wanted to know the story behind them.

I have always loved fine jewelry but also because i have always been infatuated by the meaning behind it. Each piece represents something significant in life, and it lasts forever. So, overtime, this jewelry has experienced a full life, sometimes generations of life.

as an adult, I have become completely enamored with fine jewelry in its entirety but also have found myself deeply curious about the life of these pieces, especially those in my own family. I now find myself looking back through my grandmother’s jewelry box, at some of those exact same pieces that i used to ask about as a little girl. yet now, with something to hold onto. I vividly remember certain rings, bracelets & necklaces she used to tell me about because of their significance to her. Certain pieces that now remind me of how my Gemom wore this ring or that bracelet at certain milestone moments in my life, too.

They also connect me to those moments far before me, the one’s she tells me about, her significant moments and milestones, they have been through generations of milestones and memories.

Fine jewelry not only marks special moments in life, but it also tells a story and connects generations. I am passionate about renewing pieces that have been in your family for years and about creating new ones that will become heirlooms one day. I absolutely love every bit of this process from start to finish. Diamond Aupair means so much to me and i’m truly thankful for all of you who have come alongside me and supported me. I am overjoyed to bring you jewelry that will make you happy and hold a special place in your heart, living with you through all of life’s moments.